In our second year of going virtual, we've been building a programme that brings together trainer from Scotland, the UK, across Europe, Israel and the United States - a nearly global experience! We'll be adding details as we get them, but you'll see the basic programme outline below.


Our confirmed sessions are listed below, with some still to add. Ticket holders will be sent a link to book on to sessions, where you'll find more details about what the trainers are planning. Each session will last up to 90 minutes. The main room will be open all day for general carving and chat.


7:30pm: Welcome

Hoolie opening ceremony!

Paul will open proceedings and give you a quick run down of the programme.

8.00pm: Emmet Van Driesche

Functional Considerations of Spoon Forms

In this talk, Emmet will be drawing spoon shapes and talking about form and the constraints placed on it by grain, size and tools.


Fireside chat!

Join us around the virtual camp fire to share your lockdown stories and mix with friends, old and new.


10.00am: Session 1

  • Shrinkpots with Magnus

  • Endgrain cups with Werner

  • Improve your spoons, with Amy

  • Sharpening and whetsones with Tslil & Inesse

  • The socket axe with Gustave

2.00pm: Session 2

  • Decorations for spoons and other woody things, with Alan and Gary

  • Salt shaker shrink pots with Lieuwe

  • Beginner's introduction to spoon carving, with Tom

  • Beginner's blacksmithing with Mary


10.00am: Session 3

  • Scoops: how to make them and why with Martin

  • Crossing the finish line, with Mike

  • Eating spoons with Jamie

  • In search of the perfect serving spoon, with Paul

  • Sloyd in education, with Magnus & Alan

2.00pm: Session 4

  • Medieval woodworking with Gustave

  • Small bowls with spoon tools, with Mike

  • Cooking spoons with Jamie

  • Sharpening and stopping with Craig

  • Sloyd handling: from concept to tool, with Gary


  • The Hoolie wouldn't be the Hoolie without Paul saying some final words. Join us to say farewell until 2022!

6.30pm: movie time

Join Tslil and Inesse Censor as they present a premiere of their movie, Our Craft Journey. Session involves Q&A.

8.00pm: Quiz night!

How our quiz master will come dressed is anyone's guess! Join us in the main room for the now legendary Hoolie quiz.