As usual, we're building a great weekend programme full of workshops that will help you build your carving related knowledge and skills. We'll be welcoming expert spoon carvers and blacksmiths from around the world in what is turning out to be a very exciting online programme. 

We'll be adding to this list over the coming days and weeks, so don't forget to check back in!

Mary and Jamie.jpg

Hi, I'm Jamie. I really enjoyed teaching ladle making at the last Spoon Hoolie, I'll probably be doing something similar again this year, making nice, BIG spoons. I've been carving for a while now, but I spend most of my time farming these days. Massively looking forward to the Hoolie, I wish we could live there all year round.

I'm Mary, I'm a trained blacksmith and toolmaker. I've been making tools for green woodworking professionally for about 7 years since leaving college with a degree in artist blacksmithing. Now I've got a 'proper' job, so in between being a mum and working, I still make my specialist green wood tools: spoon adzes, scorps, pick knives and the like.