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As usual, we're building a great weekend programme full of workshops that will help you build your carving related knowledge and skills. We'll be welcoming expert spoon carvers and blacksmiths from around the world. Find our 2022 trainers below.

Aaron Bio.png

I’ve had some kind of woodwork in my life for as long as I can remember, from whittling bows and arrows with my dad to studying carpentry and joinery for 3 years in college. I first started carving spoons in 2018 after watching a lot of Youtube videos on the subject, I was instantly hooked and have devoted a lot of time since to exploring all things treen, though I mainly make scoops and spoons! Experimenting with straight lines, flowing curves and handle decoration is what I lean towards doing. I love giving this amazing material a second life as something simple, useful and beautiful.

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