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Sharpen up your life!

As the old saying goes - according to Google - a person without a knife is a person without a life. Paul certainly thinks so! Rarely does a day go by when he hasn't whittled, carved or gouged something out of a nice piece of wood.

But why is Paul so attached to his tools? Well, we know that knives have been used for multiple purposes - weapons, tools, and eating utensils - since prehistoric times, made first from flint and later from copper, bronze and iron. Throughout the ages, they've been essential for survival, helping people to provide food, shelter and protection. And while we may not need them in everyday life today outside of the kitchen, getting to grips with a knife will give you a whole new perspective on how they can be used.

All this got Paul thinking. The whittling has never stopped for him, so why not share the joy, and help other people to sharpen up their knives - and their lives? And that's why he's developed a new workshop on knife craft. The one-day workshop will teach you a range of knife skills that you'll be able to use on a different projects. You'll build up your confidence throughout the day, working through wands to foxes, with a couple of other things in between. And, as with all our workshops, you can take home your stunning creations at the end of the day. Our prices include teas and coffees, all wood and tools, good banter and a roaring campfire. You'll be popular if you bring biscuits!

Be a person with a life and book your place today!


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