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Find out more about our new programme of events taking place throughout 2024. Don't miss out on your chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and make new friends, all while helping out a social enterprise. What's not to love?

Our event programme kicks off on 15 March with the Great Scottish Coppice Gathering, where you can join us to learn all about the ancient craft of coppicing. Coppicing is one of the oldest methods of woodland management, practised in the UK for thousands of years. Despire the usefulness of coppicing, estimates are that actively managed coppice woodland area has fallen by nearly 95% in the past hundred years. But we're trying to change that by gathering together with people who want to make a difference. The Coppice Gathering will give participants the opportunity to visit a coppice we're restoring, learn about coppice crafts, and chat with like-minded people about the future of coppice in Scotland. If you buy the food ticket, you'll get delicious and locally-sourced food cooked over the campfire. And you can even stay on our site for the weekend for free! Buy tickets here.

Next up is our flagship event, the Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie. Running since 2017, this small-but-perfectly formed event is the place to go for any keen spoon carvers out there, whether you're a complete beginner or a time-served expert. This year's event will focus on female trainers, so we can celebrate that great work that women are doing in spoon world. The weekend includes a range of workshops - all included in the ticket price - exploring different aspects of spoon carving, from axework to decoration. The Spoon Hoolie is a social event - we have our very own spoon dragon! - and we have the now-famous 'bar not bar', where you can bring your own drinks, put them behind the bar, and be served by our (now infamous) barmaid, Denis. With local food on offer, too, it's a great weekend. Join us on 17 May for the carving festival of the year! Buy tickets here.

In June/ July, we have a brand new event, the Great Scottish FacalFest, celebrating all things wordy and crafty. We're joining forces with an artist, a creative writer, a story teller, a print maker, and others, to deliver a weekend of language-based workshops. We're hoping to include the creation of a new timber-framed exhibition space, where we'll display what we make over the weekend. We have a set of workshops planned throughout May, June and July, dependent on a funding application. Fingers crossed that we get the go-ahead!

August brings the return of the Great Scottish Craft Hoolie, following the success of last year's inaugural event. Based on a similar format to the Spoon Hoolie, participants can join taster workshops throughout the weekend and get to experience a wide range of traditional and nature-based crafts. Last year, people learned pole-lathe turning, wood cuts, jewellery making, leatherwork, cordage, screenprinting, carving, and willow weaving. We'll be bringing a similar range of experts to the Craft Hoolie this time.

Our last event of the 2024 takes place in mid-October, taking advantage of the change in seasons. The Great Scottish FireFest celebrates fire-based crafts, from pottery to charcoal to blacksmithing. The weather might be chilly but the fires around site will keep you warm as you learn new skills, tuck into delicious, fire-cooked food, and share your stories around the campfire. It's a wonderful way to finish the year of events.

If you want to buy tickets for any of these amazing weekend treats, check out our events page for more information. Or, if in-depth workshops are more your thing, you can find out more here. If you're a trainer and are interested in coming along and running a workshop, then get in touch. We can't wait to see you all during our 2024 programme.


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