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New programme for the new season!

As everyone is starting to enjoy the summer holidays, we've been looking ahead to our new programme of workshops. And we've added on a whole host of new opportunities to get involved in green woodworking. Read on to find out more.

Our staple workshops focus on introducing participants to the skills they need to make basic items they can take away with them, while having lots of fun. From spoons to stools, and from chopsticks to garden benches, we've tried to focus on the knife and axe skills required to make useful things to take home.

We've kept our regular range and added to it, retaining our focus on fun and usefulness. Our new offers include:

  • Carve your own ladle: take your spoon carving to a new level and create a ladle that's great for soups and stews.

  • Bring your own craft project: make use of our expertise and bring along your own wooden craft project to start - or finish.

  • Treelore: we all know about the health benefits of being out in nature, so learn more about the trees that surround us.

  • Woody festive decorations: yes - we know it's not that time yet, but this workshop will guide you through making your own festive bling!

We've also upgraded our Family Bushcraft days to include key outdoor skills: knot work; shelter building; fire safety; and outdoor cooking.

You may also notice that our pricing has changed. The new workshop fees better reflect the costs of running the workshops, and will enable us to meet the principles of our social enterprise more effectively. This means that, with the new pricing, we'll be able to continue to support our regular volunteer days and to develop ideas for new projects.

We're always interested in feedback, so please do let us know what you think of our new programme.


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