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Meet the Directors: Jim

As a social enterprise, we rely on a Board of Directors to provide advice and guidance, help with our strategy, keep an eye on our finances and make sure we're delivering the social mission we've set out to achieve. They all do this voluntarily and we're extremely grateful for their time, expertise and patience! We've had a few changes to the Board over the past year or so, so we thought now would be the perfect time to introduce you. First up, meet Jim Freer. Here's what he had to say.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 50 years old, born and bred in Grimsby on the East Coast. I have a degree in food technology and have always worked in the food or drink Industry. I am currently head of purchasing for Campbells Prime Meat which supplies hotels, restaurants, Schools etc with meat, fish and whole range of other food items. I've been married to Helen for 27 years and we have a son, Kai, who is studying Marine Science at University in Oban.

I love living in Scotland and enjoy being outdoors with walking, skiing or occasionally kayaking. I qualified as a scuba diver when we lived in Australia for a few years. Our holidays seem to always include diving or skiing as I’m hopeless at sitting still. I find my peace when surrounded by trees or water and would love to own a woodland by the sea.

What drew you to become a Director for Green Aspirations?

I met Paul a few years ago when he started the monthly spoon club and have always had a huge amount of admiration for the work the business carries out with the different communities. I believe that education and social care has become very formulaic which has led to less and less creativity. Green Aspirations allows people to be treated with respect and trust which always leads to fantastic outcomes. When Paul was looking to build the Board, I was delighted to be asked.

What do you do as a Director?

I try to give straightforward advice and ensure that the business focus includes some commercial work to ensure enough funding for the social enterprises. It's tricky to stop Paul working on a 100 different things at the same time so I try and advise on keeping it to a manageable amount! On a practical side, I help out with the planning and preparation of the Spoon Hoolie.

What do you get out of being a Director?

I love getting involved with a business that is very different from the corporate world that I spend my time in. I have enjoyed seeing the business change over the last couple of years and being involved with the decision to find and then move to a new site.

What's your favourite aspect of Green Aspirations' work, and how do you think it might develop in the future?

My favourite aspect is the sense of respect and energy that the business brings. It has an uncanny warm embrace that treats everyone as part of a close family. I am hoping that the business develops to a point that it is large enough to support another 2 or 3 full time employees and allows more and more people to enjoy some creative outdoor time in relaxed, chilled out surroundings.


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