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New and improved Knifecraft!

I recently noticed that the knives in my kit are all made by good friends or ones I have adapted myself. Each is a connection to people, skills and memories that I've collected over the years. They're also all unique in quality, with slightly different angles that can be put to different uses.

This got me thinking about our Knifecraft workshop and how many people ask us about what knives we would recommend. So, to help you customise your own knife, we've added an extra day to the workshop so that participants can build their own personal knife, using one of the best blades available. There are many knife makers out there, and each have their merits. But for all round consistency at unbelievable value many would agree you have to go a long way to better the Mora106.

In addition to the fantastic blade, we've collected some great materials so you can create the sheath and handle of your dreams! And you'll have learnt how to put your knife to use, safely and effectively, all within a weekend.

A personalised Mora106 that you made yourself. What could be better? Book here

2-day Knifecraft workshop, 29 Feb - 1 Mar 2020

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