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Lumpwood charcoal

Lumpwood charcoal


Our lumpwood charcoal is made from hazel coppice and other sustainably-managed and locally-sourced hardwood. We process the wood by hand and then cook it in our retort, Betty. By diverting the volatile gases (that come off the wood during firing) back into the fire box, the retort is the most environmentally-friendly way to make charcoal. Most charcoal sold in Scotland is imported, usually from unsustainable sources, so if you want to enjoy your BBQ and do your bit for the environment, then this is the charcoal for you! It's also easy to light, gets up to heat very quickly and is really consistant.


Bags are approx 3kg and available to buy in packs of 2.


If you'd like a larger order, please get in touch so we can discuss pricing and logistics. If you're interested in wholesale, please do send us an email at We do wholesale charcoal in 1.5kg, 2.5kg and 5kg bags.

  • Delivery

    Our delivery charges are based on Evri prices, calculated using the weight and size of the package.

    Evri prices are £7.36 per box (2 bags of charcoal). Due to size restrictions on delivery, we will need to each box as a separate package.

    Live locally?

    If you live within 10 miles of our site, you qualify for free local delivery.  You can also collect for free from site.

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