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curriculum for excellence

Here at Green Aspirations, we understand the importance of a rounded education and know that learning doesn't stop at school! So that's why it's important to us that, whilst they're having fun in the outdoors, our children and young people are also developing their knowledge and skills.


We've built our activities around the Curriculum for Excellence, with a focus on fostering the four capacities for learning. This helps to produce:  ​

Curriculum for Excellence.png
  • Successful learners 

  • Effective contributors 

  • Confident individuals 

  • Responsible citizens 

​Each one of our Wee Skelfs Activity Packs comes with everything you will need to learn new things and have fun with all the family. 

The information below demonstrate some of the ways that our packs support the Curriculum for Excellence. Find out more about the experiences and outcomes included in the Curriculum for Excellence here.

Number puzzles

Each of our packs includes a set of number puzzles, solving sums by moving sticks. This supports Maths and Numeracy expectations and outcomes, specifically MNU1-03a, 2-03a and 3-03a.

build it!

The 'main make' in the packs usually involves building something from wood using a set of parts. This encourages our Wee Skelfs to develop their experiences and outcomes in Sciences (1-15a & 2-15a) and Technologies (TCH1-13a & 2-13a).

Tree ID

Our exTREEme explorers activities encourage Wee Skelfs to find out more about different tree species. This supports experiences and outcomes in Sciences, especially SCN1-01a, 1-03a, 2-01a, 2-03a, 3-01a & 3-03a.


Each pack includes a handmade game, ranging from Mini Kubbs to Tafl, and activities that stretch the imagination. This supports experiences and outcomes for Health and Wellbeing (HWB0-11a, 0-12a, 1-11a, 1-12a, 2-11a, 2-12a, 3-11a & 3-12a). 

Clay and crafts

Each pack contains at least two craft activities, using wood, clay and wool. Expectations and Outcomes EXA0-05a, 1-05a, 2-05a & 3-05a for Expressive Arts are all supported. 


Our Wee Skelf mascot, Hazel, has been busy providing inspiration for the set of stories that are in each pack. Reading these stories supports experiences and outcomes LIT1-10a, 2-10a and 3-10a in Literacy.

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