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at your desk

If you can't make it to our site, then we can bring the adventure straight to your desk! We'll bring the tools and the wood, and everything you need to create a unique experience for your team. You just provide the space. We've brought our tools to offices, exhibition halls, and even hotels. There are no limits on where you can whittle!

What do the workshops look like?

Our adventure at your desk package can last from one to three hours. You can choose from a range of items to whittle and carve, from wands to spatulas and spoons. 

We'll travel to wherever you are – your office, you team away day or your conference – to create a high-quality experience. Our passionate trainers will provide an insight into traditional green woodworking skills, showing you how to use different tools to create different effects. We'll also work with you to build your confidence, so you can take the skills away and start a new hobby.

Our workshops are positive and motivating, giving you and your team a chance to leave the every-day stresses behind and build new connections and ways of thinking. You'll be surprised at how much can change after just an hour in this immersive setting.

You'll leave the session feeling a great sense of accomplishment, having made something beautiful out of a piece of wood. Your team will feel more valued, as they're given the space and support to be more creative. And you'll have better communications all around. 

Booking details

Our one-hour wand whittling sessions start from £25 per person (minimum of 6 people). A three-hour spoon carving sessions starts from £45 per person (minimum of 5 people). All workshop prices include all tools and materials, risk assessment and insurance. We'll even tidy up after ourselves!

Book your adventure by emailing We'll be delighted to chat through any specific requests you have.

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