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The Cardross Estate covers 4,500 acres of parkland near to the only lake in Scotland, the Lake of Menteith, and occupies a commanding position above the River Forth. The estate’s forestry is a diverse mix of forests for timber to ancient oak woods and a Pineatum, with an array of specimen pines from around the world.


As well as forest, Cardross is home to a wide variety of birds and animals, making it a haven for biodiversity. As well as the family’s guinea fowl and chickens wondering though the gardens, the local hare and deer population can often be seen exploring the wider grounds. There is also extensive bird life, including nesting Ospreys and recently sighted Sea Eagles flying over Lake of Menteith. The estate is bordered by Flander's Moss, a National Nature Reserve and the largest lowland raised bog in Europe in a near natural state, with a host of specialist plants and animals making it their home.

Cardross offers a range of accommodation, from self catering cottages to bed and breakfast in the main House, as well as hosting weddings and events. 

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