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Where it all began

The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie was sparked by some close encounters in a field in northern France, and developed during many an hour spent around a fire in Scotland. It is the brainchild of three spooning amigos.


The first sparks came in the summer of 2016, as spooning pals Paul and Marcus shared a cosy tent in a field in France. They were at a small spoon festival, far away from home. And they got to thinking. Would a spoon gathering work in  Scotland? The idea may have seemed fanciful at first, but with a third spooner - Alex - on board, they came up with the Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie. 

The team were keen to promote wood-based craft in Scotland and make green woodworking accessible to as many people as possible. That meant finding trainers who could work well with beginners and experts alike, and keeping the ticket prices affordable. Most of all, they wanted it to be fun. And the Hoolie as we know it was born.

Hosted by Green Aspirations Scotland CIC, the Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie is now heading into its seventh year. It's attracted trainers from Scotland, the UK and across Europe. And it's sticking true to its roots, sharing the passion about traditional crafts and welcoming a wide range of spooners and crafters.

Get involved 

As well as coming to the Hoolie, you can get involved on a more regular basis at the monthly Jam Spoon Sessions. These free, informal sessions bring spoon carvers together to share wood, skills and stories. 

And if you want to develop your green woodworking expertise, why not check out Green Aspirations workshops? We also run volunteer sessions most Wednesdays. Like and follow our FaceBook page to keep up to date.

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